Last week I mentioned that I purchased Finding Frida Kahlo when I went to visit Arcana Books in Santa Monica.  I remember reading about the book a while back on a blog and I immediately added it to my wish list.  I completely forgot about it until I was browsing the Frida section (yes, there is a Frida section) at Arcana.  There it was, ready to be picked up and given a home.  Finding Frida Kahlo is a book by Barbara Levine who is a collector of photo albums, scrapbooks, and pretty much anything with a past that tells a story.  While visiting San Miguel (not quite sure of the year) she met Tom McCanna, an artist and designer who was in the process of establishing a site for a contemporary arts center in the city.  He eventually led her to a shop, a former textile factory, that contained a small back room with five cases belonging to Frida.  The owners of the shop opened the cases and revealed paintings, drawings, letters, books, clothing, and miscellanea – all belonging to Kahlo.  The book is an exploration of Levine’s findings with beautiful photos of keepsakes and translated notes and letters between Frida and those she knew.  I am so in love with this book and am happy to share a few photos below.