After a couple of days of insomnia (blaming it on Mercury in retrograde), I’m ready for a chill weekend.  I’ve got a couple of adventures on the agenda, but Sunday is all about tea time, reading, and planning my crazy fall travel schedule.  It’s been a weird week, my friends, but there’s nothing like a good dose of inspiration to keep you going.  Below, some things that got me all excited these past few days, starting with the getaway cabin in France belonging to Isabel Marant and her husband, bag designer Jérôme Dreyfuss.  Have a lovely weekend. xo Joanna

Pretty cozy, no?  You can see more and read here.

Did you know that Just Kids is being turned into a movie?  Patti Smith is co-writing it, which makes me happy that she’ll have some control over it.  I cannot even begin to imagine how this magnificent, heartfelt book will unravel on the big screen. Gives me the chills.  You can read more about it here.

I ripped this image out of New York Magazine‘s fall fashion issue.  It’s Carla Sozzani’s office, owner of 10 Corso Como in Milan.  I’m totally digging her office vibe.  Nice furniture amongst organized chaos.

DYING to see the new film, Gainsbourg.

This week I took an excursion to Venice with Jeana and Heather to eat at Gjelina and check out some stores on Abbot Kinney.  Gjelina is one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles.  It can be a pain in the ass to get a table because it’s so insanely delicious, but some genius behind the restaurant decided to open a take-out version directly next door.  Dudes, it’s major.  They make their own nut milk for crying out loud.  The space is so inspiring and it got me thinking about all kinds of kitchen decorating ideas.  Please go.