This week we’re looking back to the early 1900’s; a time when an avant-garde dance company known as The Ballets Russes was forming in Russia, bringing together dance, art, and music to create what became known as the most groundbreaking ballet company of the 20th century.  Formed by Russian art critic  (and ballet impresario) Sergei Diaghilev, The Ballets Russes was comprised of dancers from both Russia and Paris who collaborated with contemporary composers, artists, and choreographers such as Michel Fokine, known to have given a rebirth to classical dramatic dance.  As Russian as the prolific dance company was, it had a tremendous influence on Paris where dance technique had declined in the 1800’s.  Many of the dancers spent time in Paris during theater holidays, giving a rise to the underground cultural movements of the city.   We couldn’t help but take notice of the collaborative effort that lies at the center of this beautifully inspiring crusade, and collaborate on something ourselves dedicated to the pioneers of both dance and art.  Take a look below at the process behind Joanna & Simone – Les Ballets Russes, and to see the finished work visit Simone’s blog here.  To view more Journal Entries by Joanna & Simone click here.

Vintage playing cards, magazine tear sheets, sequins and beads, mirrored discs, vintage sequin fabric, vintage chiffon and metallic fabric, leather flowers, vintage pearl cluster earring, embellishment by Kneeland Co.