I am so charmed by this cottage in South London belonging to creative couple (and sculptors) Hannah Plumb and James Russell.  It is filled with objects and pieces that they have made from reclaimed bric-a-brac, such as a lamp created with an antique roller skate, linked ceiling roses which they named Maud and Hilda, and a hat-box lampshade named Herbert Johnson.  Using light as a their primary medium, Hannah and James also construct backlit silk screens from the 1930s, working with different projections by controlling the brightness of the light.  All of their creations are constructed carefully and with great attention to detail, showing the history of each piece and “the beauty of the uncelebrated that almost escapes notice.”  I love that everything in their home really tells a story, and that their lifestyle seems like one big art project bound by love.  There’s a rustic simplicity to their home that is cozy, inviting, and creative – all the things that I’m drawn to.  Images from World of Interiors.