It’s been a pretty cool week, and according to my horoscope it’s gonna be a pretty cool month.  I am so excited about the fall season and I must say that I’m feeling content with my fall wardrobe, which is usually not the case.  But that’s another topic that can be discussed on its own at a later date; in the meantime I’m just going to talk about a few things that piqued my interest this week. There are so many awesome things happening right now!  I hope all of you have a great holiday weekend (if you’re in the states) and I’ll be back Tuesday.  xoxo Joanna

To say that I’ve been obsessing about this bag is an understatement.  When I came back from my trip to Morocco in May, I walked into my studio to find my peeps Melissa and Clare doing a photo shoot for their collaboration: Wren x Clare Vivier. Homegirls collaborated on a leopard tote bag and a leopard clutch and there you see the tote above.  I just placed my order and you can, too, by visiting the Wren and Clare Vivier sites here and here.

Mark Borthwick is one of my favorite photographers.  His dreamy, light-drenched photos are romantic, quiet, and capture a subject in the most sincere and beautiful way. He recently went to Seville, Spain where he documented his surroundings and wrote this inspiring poem, as seen on the T Magazine blog.  You can see more photos by clicking the link.

in advent of mine adventurous mind
eye am tempted by these great adventures
among gardens life`s a paradise
eye am paradisical through nature`s eye
who headlights mine october skys
among an abundance of feeling`s lie`s
as an entrance in to never`s know`s why`s
through you an empathy eye`ll empathize
as eye`m enamored by your goodness greeting mind
that reflect`s me time after time
toward these street`s of seville whom walk for ya
as an aura to explore ya
for you`re a ring of bright water that reflect`s mine feeling`s for ya
as mine feeling`s walk toward`s ya
“as every pathway lead`s you away”
so to delight your rite`s among the intimacy of light`s
for they say of semana santa
one who breathe`s these street`s seethes thunder
as she call`s me an outsider
she lay`s me down to inspire her
an untie all that meet`s the eye to her
so to caress all that`s inside her,
among her aura, all purvey`s to explore her
leading me toward`s ya
“as every pathway lead`s you away”
so to say … as in with darkness die`s of light

“is to reflect your life in light”


This has been all over the internet this week, but I can’t say that I’m tired of reading about it.  It’s about time a book was released about one of fashion’s greatest icons, Carine Roitfeld.  She’s enigmatic, drop dead stunning, has an impeccable aesthetic, and is a woman in every sense of the word, walking to the beat of her own drum. Really looking forward to this one.

Legendary art and fashion photographer, Deborah Turbeville, will be unveiling an exhibition at Donna Karan’s London store entitled Tainted Beauty.  Known for focusing on her subjects in photographs rather than the clothes they were wearing, Turbeville never compromised her vision when creating some of the most avant-garde and conceptual works of art.  Her photos are powerful, feminine, and unique in their storytelling.  Nowness just caught up with Donna Karan and Jules Wright, curator of the exhibition. Is it just me, or has there been a big rush of feminism in the air lately?  I’m digging it.