Good morning, friends!  Here in LA things are starting to cool down after a heat wave and we’re pretty happy about it.  Inspired by the Fall season and the newness that it brings in the worlds of both art and fashion, we turned to one of the most influential movements in design, Bauhaus, for this week’s Journal Entry.  Although Bauhaus had a short reign in the early 1900’s, its effects left a lasting impression and continue to influence art as a whole bringing various design mediums together as one, which is the basis of what the School in Germany was founded on.  With Walter Gropius leading the School in Weimar, modernism and creative freedom permeated everything, and we can’t help but see some of both in the current design climate.  From primary colors and sleek, modern silhouettes in fashion to the formation of modern artists’ collectives and the freedom of creativity that is surging through this uncertain economy, it’s clear that we’re looking to the past to create a optimistic future in design, fashion, architecture, etc. – bringing together all the arts, just like the Bauhaus.  For our Bauhaus Journal Entry, we looked to all things graphic with eye-popping brights and clean lines.  Vintage geometric fabric, hand-painted grid paper, vintage jewelry and a treasured book on Bauhaus photographers were just a few of things we pulled together to create our story, paying homage to one of the most significant artistic movements.  See the completed Journal Entry below and to view our process visit Simone’s blog here.

Magazine tear sheet, vintage earrings, vintage print from Kneeland Co., vintage bracelets, Bauhaus photography book, vintage ribbon, silk fabric, hand-painted grid paper

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