A while back I was reading about Linda Rodin, a NYC-based stylist and the brains behind luxury face oil Olio Lusso.  After visiting Morocco I became obsessed with argan oil which I’ve been using in my hair and on my skin, which led to my becoming interested in oil-based beauty products and Rodin Olio Lusso is definitely one I’ve been wanting to try.  But what really struck me about Linda Rodin was that she started her line of products while in her 60’s.  How inspiring is that?  I admire people who dive into new business ventures outside of their current careers, no matter what age they are or what the economy is dictating.  Fearless, ambitious go-getters who are making things happen.  I love it.  And, I love Linda Rodin’s apartment which was recently featured on Refinery 29.  Artfully arranged vignettes of keepsakes and bursts of color and sparkle throughout, creating a total dreamscape that I want to be a part of.  I hope that I’ll still be going full force at 63-years-old, diving into new territory and making things happen.


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8 responses to “Influence

  1. SG

    I really like pictures 5 and 6 (are those sashes?). And she has a poodle named winky! She is radical and boy do I want to try the products. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. that is completely inspiring. and timely. (this economy blows!!)

  3. Marah Vestbostad

    I loveeeee rodins olio lusso…. After using so many different nice face creams, washes, etc …. I have finally settled on plain ol French barsoap and this wonderful face oil……..and it smells so pretty! Also addicted to her olio lusso lip balm…. I buy mine online at alder and co …. <3 <3

    • keepfeelingjoanna

      So great, Marah! I’m dying to try it. Good to know about the lip balm, too. Thanks for the link to Alder and Co. – just checked it out and I pretty much want everything. : )

  4. Simone LeBlanc

    Love this lobs. I’m a believer that we get better with age :)
    Argan oil is the best!

  5. Whoa, what a space! I’m totally down with Argan oil too.

  6. Isn’t she fabulous?! I couldn’t get over those amazing booties she was wearing in the photos. She’s got such a wonderfully strong sense of personal style; dressing and decorating in ways that make her happy first without worrying about what anyone else likes or dislikes about it.

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