I probably shouldn’t say this, but every time I go to San Francisco I experience some of the most magical weather (I don’t want to jinx it).  All my SF peeps say things like, “Oh, you totally brought the warm LA weather with you” or, “This is sooooo LA.”  It was 90 degrees for two days in a row while I was there.  Total Indian summer, as they say.  But what I really loved was getting the best of both worlds – 3 days of sunshine and then 2 days of the typical cloudy and cozy weather that SF is known for.  I was on a business trip, but in my world business and pleasure go hand in hand (well, sometimes), so of course I ate at my favorite spots as well as new spots; took a very impressive yoga class; read and ate chocolate in Delores Park; did some serious vintage shopping; checked out the Picasso exhibit at the de Young exhibit (an absolute must!); walked around the botanical gardens; and visited the supremely talented jewelry designer Jessica Winzelberg at her studio downtown, which was the perfect way to end my trip – feeling inspired.

Hello, San Francisco.

T Magazine’s Travel Issue and Mast Brothers chocolate in Delores Park.  Kind of perfect.

One of the most peaceful places on earth, the botanical gardens.

Walking along the trails making my way towards the redwoods.

These were pretty much the only flowers (hydrangeas) alive in the park.

Sweet sidewalk art

Jewelry designer Jessica Winzelberg kindly invited me to her studio and it was the perfect end to my trip.  Jessica makes the kind of fine jewelry that you want to wear everyday, piled on in layers piece by piece.  She works with metal and rare stones to create one-of-a-kind pieces with interesting shapes and details, some of them reminding me of old tribal symbols.  There’s a certain free-spirited nature about her jewelry that I’m drawn to.  That combined with the fine materials she uses and a sublime design aesthetic pretty much seals the deal for me. Jessica’s jewelry can be found at Roseark.

I loved these electric prints that Jessica made.

This is a close up of a mat/table cover made from fabric scraps sitting on one of the tables in her studio.  I was really digging the color situation happening at the top, and the change at the bottom.