I’m in New York for work and have been staying with one of my homies, Janette, who hails from LA.  It’s been a crazy week for the both of us.  She rented a car this morning to go get some fall and winter clothes out of her storage in Jersey and on her way got pulled over and got a ticket.  Then she realized when she got there that she left the keys to her storage pod here at her apartment in the city.  I told her she needed to jam “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.  How can you be mad at that song? I told her it would get her through the day, and the craziness of her new life in New York.  I also told her I’d buy her drinks tonight.  And me, well, I’m about to hit the streets lookin’ a little somethin’ like this.  “Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made of, There’s Nothing You Can’t Do.”  That’s right.

Vintage sweatshirt, leather Zara skirt, GAP trench, Ermie wrap, Clare Vivier x Wren tote