While I was relishing the autumn breeze and thunderstorms in New York last week, Simone (and everyone else in LA) was basking in some sunshine and triple-digit temps.  But since we both call LA home, we thought we’d create our own cozy weather story in hopes that some crisp fall days are ahead of us.  Rich hues of burgundies and browns mix with muted shades of ivory and jewel-toned purples in this week’s Journal Entry centered on our favorite season.  A Peruvian necklace made from scraps of yarn sits alongside vintage fabrics, hand painted artwork picked up on an excursion to Paris, and metallic embellishments – all making us want to stay indoors and do some serious fall crafting.  Anyone care to join us?  Fingers crossed that cooler temperatures are on their way.  In the meantime, take part in the making of Joanna & Simone – Feeling Fall below and on Simone’s blog here.

Vintage embroidered fabrics from Kneeland Co., Antique wallpaper from Kneeland Co., vintage embellishments, vintage earrings, Peruvian yarn necklace, silk curtain border, printed paper, silk hanky, metallic thread, magazine tear sheet