Moroccan Slipper Giveaway

Guess what, friends?  Kneeland Co. is giving away one pair of Moroccan slippers to one awesome reader.  All the way from Fez, Morocco, these slippers are 100% leather and depending on size come adorned with caftan buttons or embroidery.  To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below.  To increase your chances of winning you can follow @kneelandco on Twitter and also tweet about the giveaway. Don’t forget to mention @kneelandco in your tweet!  The winner will be announced on November 1st. Good luck! (Please note that this giveaway is only open to those residing in the U.S.)


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55 responses to “Moroccan Slipper Giveaway

  1. SG

    J O A N N A ! I love those blue slippers. fingers crossed xo

  2. Yeah! These are wonderful! Count me in, please.

  3. Call me crazy, but I would love to use these as work slippers… you still get the comf of having a slipper at work when the heels are too much to take, but without the embarrassment of trying to pull off a shearling scuff in a meeting!

  4. Janettey!

    Me me me!! I LOOOVE those black ones! Are those embroidered? GORGEOUS!

  5. oooh so awesome. I hope I win, thanks for the giveaway!

  6. JB

    Those fuchsia slippers make me want to smile – what a happy color.

  7. These are gorgeous! I would love to win a pair. Thank you for the giveaway! j.love202(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. duuuuuuude. these brighten up my effing WORLD.

  9. there is nothing more comfy than leather slippers! and in such lovely colors :)

  10. Loved these since I first saw them on HBT’s blog.
    I am this close to opening a Twitter account just because of this giveaway!

  11. mary kathleen

    Beautiful, I’m in love with the magenta ones!

  12. Lisa Narinian

    oh golly gee whiz! how my feet would gladly dance around in a pair of these lovely slippers! oh what joy! its like going to morocco every time you put them on! :)

  13. holli

    L O V E these!!

  14. J’adore these festive slippies, and would cherish them forever & ever, especially given that my trusty ol’ $2 kung-fu shoes from NYC’s Pearl River Mart have bitten the dust.

  15. Joanna, these slippers are incredible! I’d be so lucky to win one of them. *crosses fingers*

  16. These are absolutely beautiful. I love that cobalt blue!

  17. Jenny Ko

    love those slippers! especially the black ones – i will wear them everyday!

  18. Jen P

    Too beautiful for words.

  19. They are beautiful…I especially love the black ones!

  20. Love these! Rad giveaway, since I’m not getting to Morocco anytime soon (someday, though!)…

  21. o m geezy, i’m not eligible…but will be envious of anyone who takes home the pinkies!!! great giveaway jo!

  22. ooooh, i sooooo need to replace a pair i got almost 10 yrs ago when i was in maarakesh. i love love love these!!!

  23. Gorgeous and from Morocco–a place to go on my bucket list!

  24. Ooo ooo ooo! I’m in, these are stunning!

  25. Emily

    Oh, I just really love these!

  26. Hanna

    I love these! So cute.

  27. Hanna

    I am following kneeland co. on twitter, and I tweeted about the giveaway!!/tupacunicorn

  28. Jessica LaRubbio

    oh wow…these are beautiful! the pink ones are especially neat.

  29. beeprint

    wow, these are absolutely gorgeous. they look like my kind of slippers, light and pretty!

  30. Mini pom poms on my feet, yes please xoxo

  31. shaz

    Beautiful slippers!
    Love the blog too – have a great time in Bolinas!

  32. sk

    Very, very beautiful! Those blue ones are awesome.

  33. oh wow, these are beautiful!

  34. Heather

    These are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Whoa, I love these! Fingers crossed!

  36. britain

    these are friggin gorgeous. please let me know when and where i can buy some?!

  37. these fab slippers would complete my morrocan look. caftan and all!

  38. Liz

    I love these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. these are gorgeous! love the pointy toes…

  40. JessGo

    Love love. Yay! saccharified (at) gmail. com

  41. mia

    I really want these slippers. Saw them on Jennifer’s blog Ermie! so beautiful. Thanks!!!!

  42. So gorgeous! Thanks Ermie for the tip!

  43. Sy Pie

    These slippers would require taking a day off to stay home and admire my exotic feet. Fingers crossed…

  44. These are so colorful and beautiful. They are perfect some cheer in winter.

  45. I LOVE them!! Found you via Ermie, and I love what you do. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  46. Dani

    Ooh, pointy pink slippers – I la-la-love you! How I would love to wear them around my apartment and pretend that I was in the Sahara.

  47. Oooo they are so very beautiful. I would wear them at home on those special evenings- for when i dream of being a world traveler, an artist, a sand queen!

  48. What a great giveaway! They’re all so beautiful. I feel like I can’t live without the blue ones!!

  49. Oh, Joanna! Those embroidered slippers are to die for! I know my tootsies would be very happy this winter if they were comforted by such lovely toppers.

  50. These are beautiful! Love the vibrance. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

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