I’m hitting the road again, peeps.  But this time it’s all pleasure and just a little bit of work as the hubs and I are going to Bolinas to attend the wedding of one of my very best friends.  I’ve never been to Bolinas so that coupled with the nuptials is getting me pretty excited.  But before I go, I wanted to share some things that have been inspiring me as of late.  Have a dreamy weekend. xo Joanna

So I was in New York last week and visited Chris Benz’s gorgeous studio and somehow ended up with my bev napkin in my purse. Probably because I was so enamored by it and kept thinking how genius it is to have a business name printed onto a napkin. This ridiculous view belongs to my friend Janette and I couldn’t think of a better way to represent NYC than this.

To see my friends married with children is insane, in the most beautiful way.  My friend Chuck up above is one of my oldest and dearest friends from Houston and when I was visiting him in New York many moons ago he had just started dating Cynthia (above) and I was lucky enough to meet her in the very beginning.  They now have a beautiful little girl named Saturday.  She’s rad.  Chuck and I used to party like crazy back in the day, and he is the one friend who I never in a million years thought would get married and have a baby.  It’s inspiring to see how far my friends have come in life.

Cynthia and Saturday.

And this little peanut goes by the name of Penelope Lou and belongs to Hollie and Sean who are getting married in Bolinas this weekend!  She’s extra sweet, and her mama is one of the most creative and talented humans I know.

Sini Anderson is making a documentary about Kathleen Hanna titled “The Punk Singer”.  For those who don’t know, Kathleen Hanna was the front woman for Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and most recently The Julie Ruin.  To say that she has been a major contributor to punk rock, the riot grrrl movement, and feminism would be a total understatement.  She rules hard.  Sini Anderson posted a video on Kickstarter to raise money for the documentary and they surpassed their goal, but are in need of more funds to keep the project going.  I am so psyched for this.  Watch the video here.

Italian women do it best.  Next May The Met will unveil an exhibition dedicated to Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada.  Art, politics, and women will be the subjects. Over 80 designs from Schiaparelli will be on display along with Prada pieces dating back to the ’80s.  I haven’t been this excited about an exhibit in a while, with the exception of the Nick Cave show at Mary Boone which I will be blogging about next week!

The release of Joan Didion’s new book, Blue Nights.  It might break my heart into a million little pieces, but her books are usually very cathartic, wise, and take me to another realm for a short time.  She is one of my favorite authors.

I’ve been gearing up for my family reunion in Mexico City next month and have been spending time with my lovely cousins here in LA planning and plotting.  It’s going to be serious biz.  My mom has 9 brothers and sisters, and one was just visiting from Mexico with my little cousin Emma.  We’re obsessed with her.  This is going to be such an educational trip on so many levels.  From learning the history of my mom’s side of the family to exploring the city (haven’t been since I was 10!) to meeting with artisans and visiting Frida Kahlo’s house (!!!) — it’s getting me so amped up I can hardly stand it.