One of my best friends got married to an amazing man last weekend.  Hollie and Sean are two of the purest souls I know and their wedding in Bolinas was the stuff dreams are made of.  It was a beautiful, collaborative effort that went into the planning of the event and the weekend was filled with excitement and creativity as we all chipped in to create a breathtaking wedding that I will cherish forever. What made it even more special was that Hollie and Sean were able to get married right in front of their 11-week old baby, Penelope Lou.  We all had such an epic time staying in the spectacular house they rented that we’ve decided to rent it again next year and re-live the experience.  Some photos below:

The bride and groom…

and their wedding shoes

Penelope Lou in a crown of flowers

The dress!

The house, built in the ’60s

Teepee for the kiddos

Blood orange and vodka cocktail and  tequila, thyme and citrus cocktail

Mason jars for drinks

Mismatched tablecloths, flowers in mason jars, mossy branches and candles

Bride and Groom table

Our friend Beth made these for Hollie and Sean

The best oysters I’ve ever had in my life fresh from the bay that morning

Butternut squash and goat cheese crostinis

Hollie and Sean had scarves for everyone with their initials embroidered on them.  Such a great and useful gift.

Les girls

Adorable flower girl rockin’ moccasins

Jamie and Moses

D and I

My peeps Beth, Avril, and Kelli

Sean singing

The pretty bride