It’s Friday and I’m counting down the minutes to happy hour with my ladies.  I’m really feeling this fall weather we’ve been having in LA, although I wish it would get slightly colder.  I’ve been embracing the coziness of it all by baking banana nut bread and making warm dishes like pasta with fresh veggies and turkey chili.  This weekend is filled with a whole lot of relaxing and chilling out before I have to take off again, reading, possibly taking in a movie, and a home cooked meal with friends.  I hope all of you have an awesome Halloween weekend!  Signing off with some of my favorites below from the past couple of weeks.

How good is this photo?  It’s my mom to the left with two of her sisters taken when they were teenagers in Mexico City.  My cousin sent it to me the other day; she’s been collecting photos for our family reunion in Mexico City next month.  Along with the photo were the words, “This is gonna be good.”  I love how mod my mom and Aunt Lorraine look, and how sweet and innocent my Aunt Jennifer looks.  They all look so pure (but I can assure you this is not the case!)

I was so excited to read about the collaboration between Heath Ceramics and Alabama Chanin.  I was a huge admirer of Project Alabama a few years ago and was sad to hear of its demise, but the spirit carries on through Alabama Chanin and the amazing hand crafted work she does using textiles.  You can read more about the collaboration here and shop the collection here.

My friend Stefani sent me this link to Henry Rollins’s column in the LA Weekly and it was exactly the thing I needed to read.  Henry has been on a book tour for his new title, Occupants, and he talks about the lack of sleep he’s had because he’s so busy traveling, etc. His world is a blur.  He goes on to talk about how music sounds amazing to him when he’s in such a disoriented state and names a few albums he’s been listening to.  But my favorite part is the end where he writes, “There’s something about being under-rested and knowing that the situation is going to remain that way for quite some time that makes things more meaningful.”  That sentence really resonated with me as I’ve been traveling non-stop and to be quite honest, I’m tired.  I’ll be traveling again soon and a couple of days ago I was really not feeling it, but reading this was a good reminder to live in the moment and embrace it all.  It’s all good, and more meaningful.

These photos of Camille Bidault Waddington are making my heart stop.  I can’t stop checking them out.  They’re from the series Un Fille Un Style on Paris Vogue’s website.  She is one of my style heroes and I also consider her to be one of the best stylists around. I should also note that I’m falling hard for that warm coral paint shade on her wall.

This story by Phoebe Connelly in the Paris Review Daily is heartbreakingly beautiful. She writes of her 2-year long distance literary romance with a writer and their back and forth communication through letters and emails breaking down their love/dislike for books they would recommend to one another.  But in the end, their words weren’t enough to keep the relationship going.  It’s an incredibly romantic fantasy world, but in reality it’s sort of a tragic end to a love story.