I am really feeling this artwork by Gina Adams.  Every time I look at each image I think of something totally different, from seed planting to constellations to tribal signs to physiology. I love how detailed but simple they look, and the washed out colors give such a dreamy, antique effect.  Adams says, “In my studio process, I examine through the making of art, my relationship with history, world mythology and creation myths that are both mine and others, and which relate to my immediate world.  I see my art as maps of spiritual connectivity and my marks are broken up in a personal language. I have been in the world enough to know that most of the time I am the only one who really cares about what the process is in my studio or what I am thinking about throughout it. This is fine with me. Beauty to me comes from within, it is a process where one cannot ignore it, one has to stop and honor it. It is not superficial; it is SACRED in its highest form. It is truth.”