My brain has been on major inspiration overdrive this week.  Between accomplishing a work task that I have been putting off for months to discovering two new websites that I’m obsessing over, to finding some cool spots to check out in Mexico City – let’s just say I have some serious fuel right now.  Below, a few things worth checking out.  Hope you all have a seriously awesome weekend.

I’ve been getting emails from Creatures of Comfort about the book release of Paul Barbera’s Where They Create and I so wish I could have made it to the store for the release party in NYC.  The book documents the workspaces of various companies around the world including Acne, Confetti System, Fantastic Man and more.  The art direction alone is worth praises.  You can visit Barbera’s site here to get a glimpse into some seriously inspiring workspaces.

I have become psycho obsessed (not really, but you get the idea) with the highly gratifying Tumblr, PracticalFancy.  I cannot remember what internet hole I ventured down when I discovered it but all I could think was, “How the hell did I not know about this?”  And then I got a little too excited because I found a photo from my blog on there.  I heart it, big time.

I wrote about Astier de Villatte aka best candle company ever a while back, and since then my Delhi candle has melted away.  But have no fear, because you can purchase ADV at John Derian in New York as well as Barneys stores.  (That’s me talking to myself). While I was in Paris in March, I couldn’t decide between the Delhi candle or the incense but ultimately the candle won the battle and the incense stayed on the shelf.  So last week I picked up the incense at John Derian and have decided to just smell them and stare at them until I can’t handle it and have to break open the package.

I was completely mesmerized by this video of block printing in India that Sarah and Tammy posted on their blog the other day.  It shows the process of block printing which I honestly don’t think I could ever get tired of viewing.  Talk about craftsmanship.

I could spend many late nights devouring all the content on the new website, The Unique Creatures.  The site based in NYC is a “online fashion and culture publication that draws inspiration from the most interesting and stylish characters of history.” Founded by Howard Collinge, Zahara Gallardo and Lucia Martinez, it “goes beyond the traditional fashion or style blog to bring you original looks from the world’s most sartorially diverse group of artists, thinkers, explorers and dreamers.”  An example above of Gala Dalí, the wife of Salvador Dalí.