I should be working right now but instead I’m packing for my trip on Wednesday. Packing for Mexico City is actually fairly easy this time of year.  It’s 75 degrees during the day and in the upper 40’s at night – pretty much what LA has been experiencing the past couple of weeks. I’m really looking forward to wearing my new Ermie dress and blouse, most likely with my black biker jacket and my wide-brimmed hat.  Maybe some Rachel Comey sculptured heels to kick the dress up a notch?  We’ll see.  I really need to chill out on the shoes.  What you see below aren’t the only ones coming with me.  Yikes.

A ballerina and a brocade sandal.  Great walking shoes.

Isabel boots and handmade moccasins by RickardGuy

Packing the jewels can be tough, but the no-brainer were these Camilla Skovgaard boots. They’re great because they give height with a beautiful Cuban heel, which is usually comfortable for walking/dancing/going crazy.

I always pack a few easy dresses, mostly ethnic pieces that I’ve picked up on my travels or from flea markets.  I wear them year round with sandals in the warmer months and boots, a biker jacket, or a sleeveless vintage fur in the colder months. Piece of cake.