I’m on day six of my Mexico City journey and something occurred to me this morning as I was eating huevos rancheros: It’s probably not healthy to eat your weight in Mexican food within a span of six days.  But it’s vacation, right?  Right.  My aunt Siobhan, also known as my mom’s youngest sister and the coolest aunt ever has been making her casa the hang out spot.  When you go to her cute apartment, you’re guaranteed to eat and drink well.  Those who are left in the city and haven’t ventured back home to reality have been making stops at Siobhan’s, Darryl and I included.  But in between those stops, we’ve been hitting the artesan markets to hunt for textiles and the food markets to devour typical Mexican food, wandering the streets of Condesa and Roma to pop into boutiques and record shops to check out the goods (spotted: a Rolling Stones Let It Bleed album, a Fleetwood Mac Rumors album, and a Dirty Dancing album, all of which had titles in Spanish), and really just taking some time to explore and marvel at the sights, the sounds, and the people.  We’ve been staying in the neighborhood of Condesa which is filled with delicious restaurants, colorful Colonial buildings, and shops worth peeking into.  More of My View From Mexico below!  And thank you so much for all of your super special comments in my previous post – I loved reading all of them.

This is my Aunt Siobhan’s apartment where she lives with her man, Vicente, and their insanely amazing daughter Emma.

Of course I love the tile!

There are so many little details in her apartment and each one has a special meaning.  The photo on the right is my grandfather Russell Kneeland.  To the left is Siobhan’s mother, Rosario Kneeland.  Russell and Rosario had four children together.

A really good chair.

I freaked out over this very old marbled tile in their bathroom.

The rooftop patio with a pink wall

These copper lights came from my grandfather’s boat, Kaiulani, that I mentioned yesterday.

This church across the street was in the movie Romeo & Juliet.

And back indoors, a sampling of Vicente’s potions.  He’s an acupuncturist and has a cabinet of curiosities that I oohed and aahed over.

Just a big pot of turkey albondigas, no big deal

This was actually my first meal in Mexico City – turkey albondigas, nopales salad, pinto beans, and creamed zucchini and cheese.

And one of Rosario’s sisters made arroz con leche, also known as a dessert with rice, milk, cinnamon and raisins.  It’s also great with a dash of rum on top.

There are many used book stores and stands on the streets selling everything from Mexican literature to comics to books on psychology.  The old book covers are the best, with 60’s and 70’s art and illustrations.

Day of the Dead figurines are so very cool.  These were in a store at Bazar del Sábado, a market that happens every Saturday in San Ángel where you can find textiles, ceramics, paintings, and pretty much anything and everything you would expect to find in Mexico City.

Giant Lotería cards in an antique shop.  I never get tired of these.

Hand-painted ceramics, ready to be purchased

This is our charming hotel, Villa Condesa.  It’s a total gem on one of the best streets in Condesa named Colima.  It’s right around the corner from the hotel Condesa D.F. which is very popular and very chic.  But I prefer Villa Condesa for it’s quaintness and delicious breakfast, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s $100 cheaper a night.

D and I about to hit the streets of this very radical city.  Stay tuned for more. xo Joanna