I’m back from Mexico City and while it feels good to be home, I must say that I really miss it already.  I love it there.  It’s amazing that you can hop a plane for a four hour flight and be in an exotic location with a completely different way of life.  And, it doesn’t cost much more than a flight from LA to NYC.  Of the places I’ve traveled to, I can definitely say that Mexico City ranks high on my list of favorites.  It might have to do with the fact that I can easily assimilate, being with the rest of my Mexican family, so it’s not that difficult to fit in or speak the language.  Whatever it is, I hold it very dear to my heart and am already looking forward to going back soon.  More of my journey below:

We spent most of our time in the neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma, and this was taken one morning while Darryl and I were on our way to Delirio, a very cool cafe’ owned by Mónica Patiño who is a well-known chef in Mexico City.

The menu at Delirio, which kind of reminds me of mini Joan’s on Third here in LA.  Many things on the menu are free range or organic, and aside from the freshly prepared food Deliro also carries Mónica’s salsas, marmalades, chai tea, pastas and chocolates.  It’s pretty heavenly.

The coffee bar

I liked the wood tables with mismatched chairs and an antique bench.

Seasoned chips

They even carry various brands of Mezcal

Waiting for our breakfast to arrive, we sipped on an Americano and a chai.  Really loved my mug and I meant to ask where I could find them, but I forgot!

I heart Darryl.

I had been dying to check out this shop called La Valise, but every time I went it was closed.  One day we hopped on over next door to Broka, this super tasty restaurant that serves up interesting Mexican cuisine.  The menu changes daily and the day we went there was tomato soup, pasta with with spinach, onions and squash blossoms, and the best flan I’ve ever had in my life.  This is their outdoor patio.

One of the things that ruled at Broka was their salsa sampler.  Chili with oil, tomatillo salsa, and onions with herbs.  Served alongside a baguette and fresh pear juice.

Those who live in Mexico City rave about the ice cream at Nevería Roxy, a family owned ice cream shop that’s been around since 1946.  Naturally, this was a must-stop for Darryl and I.

There are milk-based ice creams and water-based ice creams and it was very hard to decide which flavor to go for.

We went with pistachio and mamey, which comes from the mamey sapote tree that is native to Mexico.  It tastes like a milky sweet potato with a little bit of pumpkin.  Some also say it is an aphrodisiac! I really enjoyed the flavor and keep thinking about a way to recreate it.

One day after a visit to the Frida Kahlo museum (pics coming soon), we went with my cousins to the Mercado de San Juan to look for textiles and on our way home spotted a random set up of record booths.  Darryl and my cousin Shannon (and her Negro Modelo) were in the fun zone.

Shannon scored on a Grease record and The Kinks.

I had corn with mayonnaise, cheese, salt and chili powder.

And I also had chips with salsa and a Dos Equis while waiting for the record shoppers.

That evening we went to Azul Condesa to try their hibiscus flower enchiladas.  I have the recipe, thanks to an issue of Bon Appétit, and I plan on experimenting in the kitchen.

But I have to say that my most favorite meal I had in Mexico City was at Entremar in the neighborhood of Polanco.  There is also a restaurant called Contramar in Roma that is very popular and known to have the best seafood, but Entremar is their sister restaurant and is just as delicious according to my aunt.  Reservations are a must at both.  We had the tuna sashimi tostadas – seriously the freshest tuna I’ve had in my life.

Dudes, this fish was the JAM.  Half of it was smothered in green salsa and the other half in red salsa.  In Mexico it’s what they call “divorciado” which means divorced.  Pretty clever, and probably the only kind of divorce I would want.  It was served with little tortillas and refried black beans.  Simple and packed with so much flavor.

It was a great meal with family – here I am with my aunt Jamie.