The Frida Kahlo Experience

One of the highlights of my trip to Mexico City was visiting the Frida Kahlo museum, where Frida grew up and where she spent much of her life with Diego Rivera.  I have been dreaming about visiting the museum, and it was ten times better than I ever could have imagined.  The thing is, Frida’s artwork is so powerful and provocative that it almost requires being viewed in person.  There is an emotional vibrancy to it that is nearly impossible to connect with unless you see it with your own eyes. While that may not ring true for everyone, that was definitely my experience.  Her contribution to feminism and art is profound, to say the least.  I paid extra for the audio tour and a photography pass, and here is what Darryl and I captured.

I believe this photo was taken by Frida’s father, who was a photographer.

Frida painting the Communist Leon Trotsky

Pics of Frida and Diego

Frida and Diego’s collection of arts and crafts were present and in tact throughout the colorful house.

This is the room Diego Rivera slept in after their divorce.  For those who don’t know, they divorced after Frida found out that Diego was cheating on her with her own sister.  But, they later remarried.

Loved the paper mache’ body hanging on the wall, as well as the old Mexican tree of life sitting between the two shelves.

DREAM KITCHEN.  I want to recreate the countertop and stove area with tiles.  I kept thinking about my girl Heather while I was marveling at this room.

Look at all that pottery for cooking with!

This was Frida’s wheelchair and easel she used for painting.

Frida’s sketchbook.  I was so impressed with how preserved her things were at the museum. Seriously, how cool is it to be able to view a page from her sketchbook?

Frida’s collection of sparkle!

Her pigments and brushes

One of her decorated torso casts she had to wear

Her typical Mexican attire

This is the bed she would lie in to paint.  You’ll notice the mirror above.  On the bed is a rebozo, a Mexican shawl that is covering a mold of her face.

And this was Frida’s bed

Her treasures, next to an urn with her ashes

A brace to support her torso

This drawing by Frida was my favorite piece.  It represents the betrayal of Diego and his constant philandering with women.  Intense, yes, but pretty prolific for a woman to create a representation of this kind during that time.  She was fearless, that one.


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25 responses to “The Frida Kahlo Experience

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post!!!! Really really wonderful. That kitchen is seriously to die for. And her collection of sparkles?!?!? I want to go recreate your entire trip! xo

  2. Jeanne

    I would love to see this in person! Thank you for the next best thing!

  3. Excellent post! I also dream of going to see Frida’s museum. I read the book and saw the movie and it still remains a fascinating place that I would love to see. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Red Toenails

    Very interesting. I love museums.

  5. I’ve been loving reading all about your trip “home,” but this one takes the cake for me. Seeing her journals, her studio, the furnishings. More, more, more.

  6. Robin Kneeland-Willcox

    I second the love for that kitchen. The color reminded me of photos of Monet’s kitchen in Giverny – also yellow, with green door frames and blue tiles, all slightly paler for that climate: Love artists’ houses…………

    (Have you read Barbara Kingsolver’s The Lacuna? Fiction, but a story imagined around Kahlo, Rivera, Trotsky, et al in that house. Would be perfect to read just after visiting!)

    And the sketchbook!!! Were you allowed to turn the pages?

    Thank you thank you thank you for taking all these photos and sharing with us……

    • keepfeelingjoanna

      Wow, I had never seen Monet’s kitchen – it’s great! I’m really feeling the yellow with green – totally not anything I would have thought of before.
      Funny you should mention The Lacuna! I actually took it with me to Mexico with plans to start reading it but I didn’t read anything while I was there due to lack of time! That being said, it’s next on my list after my current book. Really looking forward to diving into it.
      They didn’t allow anyone to touch any of the objects so I wasn’t able to turn the pages, but I can only imagine what else was in that sketchbook! I wonder if they change the pages on display often?

      So happy I was able to share this experience, and thanks for reading! Oh btw, I never came across anymore of those coconut limes! Next time!

  7. Thank you for this wonderful tour, it is almost as good as being there. I love Frida Kahlo. She had a very difficult life with so much pain, but you are right, she was such a strong inspiring woman. I love her art

  8. Comme j’aimerai visiter cet endroit… J’adore Frida Kahlo.
    Wonderful blog, very inspiring !

  9. uh! Such delicious eye candy. I have really enjoyed your trip to Mexico :)

  10. She is SUCH an inspiration, and I can’t get over that dress. Can’t wait to see you, love, xoxo

  11. OMG. i LOVE these mexico posts! beautiful!!

  12. Rania

    Thank you so much for sharing this with your readers who have not had the opportunity to see Frida’s digs! This made my day.!

  13. Wonderful photos! Also visited the museum a few months back. An incredible experience.

  14. I feel like I’m with you on this tour. Fabulous photos. Thank you!

  15. Absolutely magical. How precious is young Frida? No wonder she grew into such a beautiful woman. Cannot wait to visit this soon.

  16. This is tremendous! I have always wanted to visit and now I feel like I’ve been on a virtual tour. Thank you for the beautiful and thoughtful post. xx

  17. Great pictures! Wish I would have been there too!

  18. Anonymous

    It’s easy to blame Rivera for their divorce, but you fail to mention the affair that Kahlo carried out with Trotsky. She was not some kind of female saint.

    • keepfeelingjoanna

      There are all kinds of things I could mention about Frida Kahlo that would not portray her as a saint, but I am choosing to celebrate her as an artist and woman. Every human being has both bad and good in them, but I personally choose to focus on the good and not the bad. This blog is dedicated to creativity, and not to calling out everyone’s mistakes. We all make them, it’s no secret, and she was a human being just like the rest of us. I have no idea about the details of their divorce or affairs and most people don’t. Does the outside world really no what went on in their relationship? I don’t think it’s for us to judge – it was their relationship.

  19. Sageflower

    Thanks for these pics. I was at Casa Azul in 2011 and loved it. The gardens were so peaceful and I could fell Frida and Diego the entire time I was there.

    • keepfeelingjoanna

      @sageflower My pleasure! Those gardens are definitely peaceful and I am right there with you about feeling Frida’s presence! Such an incredible experience!

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