Just when I thought things were about to slow down because of the holidays, they sped up FAST and I feel like I’ve been on overdrive from the moment I wake up until the moment my head hits the pillow.  I’ve been wanting to blog about this jewelry designer that I found out about through Sarah’s Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and I now I finally have the time to sit and type.  The jewelry line is called Mama Shea Shea and is sold through Etsy, which I’m continually impressed by when I find myself up late at night searching every possible thing I can think of that I want.  The piece that I fell hard for was the first necklace, Sing Me A Waltz, made with Swarovski gems, pyrite, vintage resin spears, chain, beads, cord and “sea urchin” shapes.  I love the color combos happening (especially the rusty orange paired with that deep, dark blue) and each of the tiers, as well as the mix of vintage and new materials.  Definitely on my wish list.