It’s been a productive week over here and all kinds of exciting things are happening, not just in my world but in the world around us.  Below, a few things that inspired me this week.  Have a great weekend, and if you live in LA enjoy this crazy beautiful weather.

I’ve noticed new takes on wearing fur both on the runway and on the street, and I’m liking what I see.  The fur decorated single lapels that made a mark at the impeccably executed Bouchra Jarrar Couture show and on this handsome man in a photo shot by Scott Schuman had a huge visual impact on me.  Such a chic, statement-making detail on both.  I had to show the backside of the model, too. The fur and knit piece is completely backless and is fastened by leather onto the model.  Very, very cool.

I’ve always admired the artwork and the vision of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.  She was institutionalized in the 70’s for mental illness and although she continues to struggle, she puts all of her energy into her art to create iconic paintings and sculptures.  I was happy to hear that Louis Vuitton will be collaborating with Kusama and come spring her well known polka dots will be found on bags, clothing, and jewelry.  I think it’s a great message for a luxury fashion house.

My friend Ronda sent me a link to an essay in the LA Observed written by Barbara Kraft where she writes about her LA encounters with both Anäis Nin and Henry Miller. She writes of each individually, but also draws comparisons between the two and talks about their relationship together in Paris in the 30’s.  It’s a beautiful piece and full of facts that I didn’t know, further piquing my interest in both of them. Also included is an excerpt (all about Henry Miller) from Kraft’s new memoir, Anäis Nin The Last Days, which has just been released.  The book goes into detail about the literary icon’s last days before she wast taken by cancer.  Definitely intrigued by this one.

I finally had a chance to read the interview with Jean Toitou, founder of A.P.C., in the latest Interview magazine and I have to say it’s pretty inspiring, especially for anyone who has their own business.  His ethics, values, and business model are never compromised and I can’t help but think of what this industry (fashion) would be like if everyone followed suit.  But, I guess that’s what makes him beyond special.

I’m not gonna lie, I can be kind of a music snob.  So when I first heard that Destroyer recently covered the New Order song, “Leave Me Alone,” I was a little turned off, mostly because New Order is one of my ultimate favorite bands and I couldn’t bare the thought of someone covering such iconic, epic songs that have been so monumental in my life.  Selfish, I know.  But I gave it a listen and I’m not disappointed; I kind of like how brave he was to take it on.  The song is on a compilation released by MOJO that pays tribute to New Order’s Power, Corruption, and Lies album with other artists covering New Order songs that I have yet to listen to, but I’m gonna go ahead and high five Destroyer for this one.  You can listen to it here.