I’ve written about Martha Graham here before, but for those who aren’t aware of the trailblazing woman, it should be known that she was a real force.  Martha was a pioneer, if not the pioneer of modern dance in America.  She was a dancer, choreographer, and company director and has influenced and paved the way for many performers in the world of dance, not to mention other performers in entertainment including Woody Allen and Bette Midler.  She moved her body so eloquently and took dance to a whole new level, treating it as a form of art that was not only about movement but also freedom of expression.  Martha Graham was (and still is) truly epic.  Below, some black and white beauties of Graham taken from The Library of Congress website.

Ekstasis, No. 2

Every Soul is a Circus

Deaths and Entrances


Lamentation, No. 10

Appalachian Spring