When it comes to design, I would say that I’m of the kind that sits somewhere between less is more and more is more, but definitely a little closer to more is more. I think “less” and “simple” can speak volumes, but I wouldn’t say my aesthetic is quiet nor is it understated.  I admire both very much and borrow elements from each, but it’s not 100% Joanna if you get what I’m sayin’.  There are a few exceptions, however, and one of my exceptions goes by the name of Peter Saville. Saville was the brains behind much of the album artwork for Factory Records, most notably Joy Division and New Order.  He also turned out some seriously brilliant cover art for O.M.D., but it was New Order’s Power, Corruption & Lies that really made me put him on a pedestal.  Aside from the fact that it is a perfect album, the grainy, washed out floral still life captured the dark romanticism that was so prevalent in new wave music in the early ’80s, and it totally mesmerized me when I discovered it in my youth.  Along with that album, Saville’s graphic, modern design with clean lines made a huge impact in the design world and its influence is immeasurable.  It was almost ahead of its time, in a way, and recently I found myself relating his style to the simplicity and cleanliness of Cèline and Jil Sander; not just the clothes but the advertising and fonts as well.  Music was a huge life shaper for me when I was growing up and there are a few albums and artists that I associate with the early years of self discovery, and many of those albums and artists had the touch of Peter Saville.

New Order Power, Corruption & Lies

New Order Substance (another favorite)

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the dark (O.M.D.) Dazzle Ships cover

Back cover

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the dark (O.M.D) History of Modern

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures

New Order Movement

New Order Technique

New Order Fine Time

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (O.M.D.)