A Visible Trace

I feel like I’ve been overloaded and overwhelmed with information the past week. So much to see and read!  A few things that have inspired me below.  Have a great weekend. xo Joanna

I’ve been intrigued by artist and writer Leanne Shapton ever since I discovered her “Jetsetter” column that she used to write for Elle. I was always inspired by her diary of illustrations and paintings that she would create on her travels and share in her column, along with a mini-guide of must-visits in each exotic locale she would travel to.  There was something very innocent and compelling about her art that always seemed familiar yet totally different.  I’ve been spying some of her artwork on Pinterest lately and have fallen equally in love with her new paintings.  So yesterday when I saw that Thessaly La Force documented a studio visit to Leanne’s in The Paris Review, I got so excited and completely devoured the interview.  It’s good stuff.  One of my favorite parts of the interview is actually at the beginning: “I was talking to Sheila Heti about how and where we work. Sometimes I feel I get a lot done waiting for something else, with my shoes and coat on, with the car running. I don’t have a set routine. I can work for hours at a time, but I get a lot of stuff done in these weird starts and stops, which makes it a little bit harder to track. I have so many backs of envelopes with notes written on them in my pockets or stuffed into the side door of a car. I also use my Blackberry to write myself notes. Last night, I wrote myself an e-mail that said, “Tough girls with dark pink skin, England air, etc.” Now it’s sort of coming back to me, but when I woke up and read it, I was like, “What? What did I drink?” Lots happens in these little spaces between work and eating and sleeping. Sheila said she had this image of me standing up—you know how you stand up and eat when you’re really hungry? Well I stand up and work. It’s not a Hemingway thing, it’s more like I have to get this done, because the elevator is coming up. Some thing happens then. And that’s when I work.”  After reading this a little part of me felt like I should give myself a break for not being completely on top of things every. single. second. when it comes to work.  I am very much the kinda person that emails herself reminders and ideas when in bed at night.  And I also have lots of starts and stops. It always makes me feel unorganized in some weird way, like I’m supposed to be planning out my work life by the minute.  But reading this made me feel like I should actually embrace my habits, because they’re not really all so bad.

I fell hard for Joseph Altuzarra‘s homage to Morocco/India/Gypsyland.  From the coins to the fringe to the prints to the textures; all of it spoke to me.  It’s still speaking to me.

And while we’re on the topic of fashion, have you seen the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund episodes on Hulu?  I look forward to Thursdays when a new episode is posted. You can watch them here.  Major inspiration.  My husband is now a devoted fan of Creatures of the Wind.

I know I’ve written about the blog Tales of Endearment a couple of times, but I couldn’t help but share my love for Natalie Joos’s most recent subject.  This particular feature on Athena Calderone is killing me on so many levels I don’t know what to do with myself.  I also spent a good amount of time pouring through Athena’s blog, Eye Swoon.

The news that Domino will be hitting the newsstands once again come April got me prettttty excited.  It will only be published 6 times a year, but I’m anxious to see what’s inside those pages.  I blogged about one of my favorite features in Domino here.


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11 responses to “A Visible Trace

  1. i absolutely love everything here. thank you for sharing, lovey!

  2. mary kathleen

    Yes, this might be one of my favorite features ever on Tales of Endearment! I seriously want to go pin every single picture :)
    And Domino! Goodness overload!

  3. DYING over those pictures of Athena’s place…seriously dying…

  4. SG

    I love that Leanne’s dog is named Bunny… (one of my favorite names). Thanks for always making my Friday so much more interesting! Have a great weekend! xo

  5. No way!! Domino is coming back?!! Best news I’ve heard all day! lovin’ everything in this post :)

  6. ummm… so clearly you can tell by how much time i spend on pintrest that i didn’t have a hot date on saturday night… what i DID do it watch every episode available of the Fashion Fund!
    shameful… i know. but i am embracing it! ; )
    that show is great! the more anna wintour in my life, the better!
    thank you for posting about it!
    and all the other fabulous stuff above!


  7. ps – i also love your thoughts about working… i have the same guilt and pressure i put on myself. but then remember something a teacher said once about going to the studio every day. he said that sometimes he just goes and sits in front of a painting and looks at it… and that’s it for the day. and i loved that! not as an excuse, but as a reminder of how much thinking and work is done while we are just looking at something, or in traffic or yoga (two places i do a lot of thinking about ideas). and how that space and time is so important.
    in some ways, i think when you are creative, you are always working.

  8. The blonde redhead spread in domino was one of
    my favs as well! Great post, lot’s of good things,
    thank you. I’ll have to check out the CFDA Vogue fashion
    fund show.

  9. This Tales of Endearment is so great, had no idea! Thanks for sharing. Always on the lookout for something new to read.

  10. I loved that Leanne Shapton interview/studio visit as well. I thought a lot about that quote you posted and about the ways we work. Very inspirational.

  11. Sometimes I call your blog Keep Feeling Inspiration. Just in my head. Not out loud.
    Because you always find the best stuff!! Never a dull post. Seriously. Must check out that interview now & the videos (love that D is now a fan of Creatures of the Wind. Smart man :)
    Don’t be so hard on yourself girl. We need to talk soon. Xx

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