I started off today in Brooklyn, went to the city to meet my friend Tommy and eat a mushroom and goat cheese omelette, went on appointments, came back to Brooklyn, then went back to the city for dinner at ABC Kitchen to eat a mushroom and goat cheese pizza.  Someone loves mushrooms and goat cheese.  The weather has been pretty awesome for March.  Tomorrow is only going to be 55 degrees, which is not normal for March in New York.  I’m kind of loving it, not gonna lie. Have a great weekend!

Cute Tommy in his cute Junya Watanabe patchwork shirt.  I’ve known Tommy for years.  He taught me how to wait tables when I was 18 and he still tells everyone.

Never in LA do I get to wear a fur vest under a coat.  NEVER.  The temperature does not allow it.  So much more fun to get dressed in this kind of climate.

The best way to make a summer shoe warm – socks!