Oh dudes.  I’ve been knocked down by the flu for the past 4 days and have been camped out in bed with magazines and my computer.  My hubs left for Berlin yesterday which is double sad because 1) it’s not fun being by yourself when you’re sick and 2) I couldn’t even give him a proper good bye because I didn’t want him to catch my sickness.  On top of the flu my closet collapsed and I haven’t been able to do anything about it so I literally have piles of clothes on my couch.  I know, I know – there are far worse problems than mine.  But a girl’s gotta vent, right?  So being in bed in the same pajamas for 4 days has given me a lot of time to catch up on emails and bop around the internet.  These two little videos are what have been making me feel good these past few days.  Well, that and all my sweet friends and family who keep delivering groceries and medicine and a whole lotta love.

I’ve developed a crush on Caroline de Maigret ever since spotting her on various street style blogs these past couple of months.  I love the subtle masculinity she conveys through her way of dressing.  She’s feminine but with an edge that’s just tough enough, and so devastatingly gorgeous.  Video via Diary of the Coveteur

This very short Isabel Marant film is so dreamy, and that sweater is at the tip top of my wish list.  It’s my favorite.