Vintage Series, Look No. 2

Thank you for your lovely comments on my first Vintage Series post.  I appreciate them! When I started thinking about doing these vintage posts, this long embroidered peacock robe was one of the first things that I wanted to have photographed.  I found it at a vintage show in California and immediately thought, “This is what I want to wear when I’m lounging around on the weekend.”  It felt luxurious and exotic and very seventies, so I brought it home with me. The belt is missing, but I love that it just drapes open into a train.  My husband Darryl took these photos in his parents’ backyard in San Luis Obispo in what has got to be the coolest guest room ever — a greenhouse.

Vintage Embroidered Peacock Robe, 1970’s, worn with a Marion Vidal necklace and a vintage perfume pendant necklace


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16 responses to “Vintage Series, Look No. 2

  1. killing it, joanna….!!

  2. mary kathleen

    joanna! okay, not only is that robe super dreamy and you look absolutely stunning but…. that guesthouse! are you kidding me right now? i’m in love with it all.

  3. this is so gorgeous! i love it and love you.

  4. Amazing!!! Love u look so cute!

  5. Stunning! The detail on the back is amazing! I love that you stayed in a greenhouse/guest room!

  6. In love with the whole thing!! The perfume necklace is killing me.

  7. stefani greenwood

    a greenhouse guest room?! that sounds totally rad. really into your peacock robe – you look lovely! peacocks are perfect in a garden setting!

  8. summer

    gorgeous! gorgeous!

  9. Wow!Such an amazing robe. Love the peacock!

  10. Magnificent, divine! All of it- you, the dress, the guest room & they way you looking at D behind the camera ;)

  11. Stunning! What a rad guest room too.

  12. Drooooool!!!!! So gorgeous! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the peacock on the back!

  13. so so pretty! I have seen that same robe in light blue!

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