On a recent night while sitting in bed thinking about where I should shoot my next looks for the Vintage Series, I had the idea of using a movie as my inspiration.  Not just any movie, but a Joan Didion movie, Play It As It Lays.  I am a devoted fan of Didion and her way with words, and about two years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Play It As It Lays on the big screen at Cinefamily.  For those who don’t know, the 1972 film was adapted from her book of the same name and the screenplay was written by Didion and her husband John Gregory Dunne.  Both take place in Los Angeles and in Malibu, as Didion and her family lived in California for many years.  I was completely blown away by the film, and especially by the actress Tuesday Weld who played the main character, Maria (pronounced Mariah).  The subject matter is pretty heavy, but I was so inspired by the story, the way it was shot, the fact that Didion wrote the screenplay with her husband, and THE WARDROBE.  Think 1970’s Malibu with beautiful, natural hair; caftans; old jeans; and big black sunglasses.  I immediately emailed my idea to my good pal, Jennifer, who shares my love for all things Didion, and asked if she would be willing to shoot the photos.  Within a matter of minutes, I got a YES.  We decided to go to El Matador beach in Malibu and channel Maria Wyeth Lang, and of course bring a few outfits.  This is Part One, and Part Two is coming later this week.  In continuation with the Vintage Series, Look No. 3 and Look No. 4 are below, all dedicated to Joan Didion, Tuesday Weld, and the one and only Malibu.

The classic Maria Wyeth Lang look: Vintage Levi’s, vintage Charles David boots, vintage Cacharel sunglasses, vintage Moroccan bag; all worn with Isabel Marant blouse circa 2005 and Gap trench coat

Vintage cotton gauze dress, vintage Moroccan bag, vintage poncho

*Play It As It Lays is out of print, but you can find it at Cinefile (if you live in LA) or any video stores that carry rare and hard to find films.  You can also purchase it from here.