Natural Living

This editorial from a past issue of World of Interiors has made its way onto a few blogs as well as Pinterest, and it’s easy to understand why.  Washed out stripes and florals mixed with brightly colored bags and textures are enough to make a textile lover dream, but even better when the setting is in a rural city abroad with a background consisting of paper peeled walls, sticks and stones, overgrown foliage, mementos, and daily necessities for a way of life.  I’m constantly inspired by this one.


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4 responses to “Natural Living

  1. I’ll take these interiors ANY day!

  2. SG

    oh man! i love the first image with the bags and the sheep and the image with the chicken! world of interiors is one of my favorite favorites.

  3. Okay goddurn it! Between you and David John…I need to subscribe to this magazine! (tax write off, right?) miss you! :)

  4. World of Interiors is the best. This is my favorite part of the magazine for sure… Their stylists are geniuses.

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