Vintage Series, Look No. 6

One of my best friends used to own a great store here in LA that carried some of the best designer vintage in the city.  She had it for about ten years before deciding to move to Morocco a year ago, and every time I drive by I think about how much fun I had there trying on clothes and oohing and aahing over her vintage finds.  I scored many great pieces there, including this vintage Pucci skirt.  I never tire of a Pucci print, and to say that Emilio Pucci had an enormous impact on color, print, and pattern would be an understatement.  He was a designer who had the ability to create bold, colorful, psychedelic clothing that was also classic.  I can’t imagine ever parting ways with this skirt as every time I pull it out of my closet I find something totally unexpected to wear with it.  This time I paired it with a vintage blouse that I found at a flea market, Isabel Marant strappy heels, and my new favorite bag from Mexico City.


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21 responses to “Vintage Series, Look No. 6

  1. I adore vintage clothing and find that going through a vintage shop is like being on a never ending treasure hunt. :)
    The skirt is gorgeous and the blouse is amazing!

  2. So beautiful lobsies! Love the light and you look beautiful. Can’t believe we’ve never discussed the heels!

  3. JL

    How beautiful you are! I love everything and especially the blouse!

  4. JL

    You are so beautiful! I love everything ..especially the blouse…

  5. you look amazing lobs!!!

  6. I adore your blouse! I’m also enjoying your vintage looks series.

  7. Love the Pucci skirt! Gorgeous outfit!

  8. Belinda

    What a shame when a great store closes down – and for a move to Morocco! I’m quite jealous. Sounds like a movie could be made from her life!

    Now let’s talk about you in this outfit! Firstly – with those legs you could look gorgeous in a potato sack (or one of the horribly unflattering Japanese linen dresses I have a wardrobe full of; similar cut really). You look great – you’ve got a real knack for styling. Your outfit pics are one of the highlights of my instagram feed.

    I’m loving this series too. I think it satisfies my love of childhood dress-ups.

    As a side note, I’ve unfortunately never been able to pull off a single piece of Pucci that I’ve tried on – I always feel like its wearing me. I feel so relieved going back to the Japanese linen potato sack-esque dress.

    • keepfeelingjoanna


      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I am beyond flattered. Seriously put a huge smile on my face. I also have many potato sack dresses that I wear a lot of, and they will probably make it on to the Vintage Series eventually since they occupy a great amount of space in my closet! So happy to hear that you’re a fan of the series; my husband and I have a lot of fun playing around. xoxo Joanna

  9. SN

    Everything Belinda said. but let me add that your blouse makes me jealous!!! i love it. and of course it looks like it was made for you! i have spent the past two weeks reading your blog after i clicked on a link Jeana had in one of her recent blog posts. before then, I just knew about you from her closet visit post about you. your blog has been very inspiring and it’s great to know others love magazines and magazine tear sheets as much as i do. i have just moved back to Aus after living in the US for 13 years and i miss the vintage stores/markets. i am anxiously preparing for my first big trip back to Sydney for a fix. unfortunately, i now live in the country and there just isn’t that much in the way of great vintage.

    • keepfeelingjoanna

      @SN Thank you so much! I rarely wear the blouse, but I am feeling like it should make an appearance more often! I love that you are inspired by my blog – that is my whole reason for blogging – to inspire people. Well now that you’re back in the country, it will probably be more special once you go to Sydney (or back to the states) for vintage shopping. It kind of makes it more exciting that way, right? Or maybe not?! Ha! Thank you for reading and I really appreciate your comments! : )

  10. SN

    oh, and one more thing, I remember Jeana wrote she would love to go shopping with you in her closetvisit post, and I have to totally agree! Also, what was the name of your friend’s vintage shop? Cheers, S.

  11. artisanprojectinc

    Joanna you look absolutely stunning! I’ve been thinking of OOU lately and lusting after all the amazing vintage pieces that we had at the shop — many of which were sourced by the fabulous Verne! So far in Morocco I haven’t come across ANY vintage stores and I truly miss our hunting trips to the Rose Bowl as well. Thanks for you lovely post and gorgeous photos. Miss you madly!

    xx Nina

  12. You’re such a cutie & I’m loving this feature.

  13. Love the pucci dress and mexican blouse combo! I love me a good pucci print myself. Too bad your friend relocated and closed shop.

  14. GORGEOUS. Gorrrrgeous. Such a fox!

    Ok, now go google BRANIFF UNIFORMS PUCCI. You’re welcome. xoxo

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