Basement Gems

While we’re on the topic of vintage, I wanted to share some photos I took at my friend Michelle’s house a couple of weeks ago.  Michelle has an epic collection of vintage clothing and accessories in the basement of her Santa Monica home that is pretty much the size of my apartment, and maybe even a little bigger.  She has been collecting for years and still wears a lot of her clothing and shoes, choosing pieces from her “closet” for various occasions.  You name the era and style, she has it: vintage beaded YSL gowns, ’50s bathing suits, diaphanous ’40s dresses, square dance dresses, western button-ups, pajama jackets and more.  She even has boxes and boxes of hats.  Everything is coordinated by color, and she knows where everything is.  She is so passionate about her collection and remembers many of the flea markets and garage sales she picked up her special pieces from.  I always have so much fun visiting her and talking about vintage, and how most clothes were made so much better back in the day!  Michelle rents her collection to stylists and designers, and you can email her at for more info.  On a side note, I recently put together a San Francisco Vintage Shopping Guide for the travel website Fathom.  You can check it out here, if you’re interested!


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7 responses to “Basement Gems

  1. Saideh

    Holy schmoly! What a vintage feast. Thanks for sharing. And for the SF vintage shopping guide; this would be the next best thing to shopping with you. But more pics from Michelle’s collection, please. It feeds the sartorial soul.

  2. SG

    That basement looks right up my alley. Also, I cannot wait to visit the shops you wrote about! Hope to see more Joanna guides.

  3. Whoa, that is one serious collection! Thanks for letting us take a peak inside. Digging your vintage guide – will make sure to share with friends.

  4. gah! that basement looks like so much fun!!!

  5. I LOVE these looks! I also LOVE the lighting. While we’re at it, I LOVE you!!!

  6. Oh looks like a magical place! Thanks for sharing!


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