Flawlessly French

One of my all time favorite fashion features is of Virginie Viard in an old issue of Bazaar. Viard is the director of Chanel’s creative studio and has been working with Karl Lagerfeld since 1987.  What first got me was the image on the title page of her wearing a whimsical Chanel blouse with a bow around the neck as she perches above an acoustic guitar.  I love how incredibly cool and chic she looks.  But what really got me was what was deemed as one of her most “prized possessions” – a Chloé dress from Lagerfeld’s first collection.  I have been searching for that dress for years, in hopes that it will one day reveal itself to me in some random vintage store at a great price.  Fashion dream come true.


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4 responses to “Flawlessly French

  1. Oh the Chloé dress is fantastic. I would love to have it in my wardrobe.
    Have a nice Friday!

  2. i’ve been searching for that one too. it has it all…

  3. One of my all time fave dresses. For reals. I loved that collection!

  4. I’ve kept that feature all this time! – Too cool.

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