On a recent trip to Big Sur to celebrate my anniversary, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to do another vintage shoot.  Big Sur is my favorite place in the world, and while I haven’t been to every city in this vast world, I’m certain it would still remain at the tip top of my favorites list.  The majestic views of the Pacific, the never ending rows of redwoods, the crisp air, the dense fog, the powerful energy – all of it makes for the coziest getaway.  Darryl and I rented a cabin that was prefaced with about 10 minutes of a winding road through a magical forest, and it proved to be the perfect background for a 1970’s chiffon dress with a most subtle Indian paisley print that I picked up in San Francisco.  I love the bohemian glamour of it, and when I first tried it on I couldn’t help but think how great it would be to wear while hosting a party.  Instead, I chose to wear it while frolicking around the woods in Big Sur, but I’m certain a little soiree is in its future.

Vintage 1970’s paisley print dress worn with Chloé shoes