It has been quite some time since I’ve done “A Visible Trace” post, only because I’ve been bananas busy.  Between that and Instagram, it’s been difficult to keep up with my blog.  I kind of feel like Instagram is replacing the blog, which is something I’ve been putting a lot of thought into lately.  I think with Instagram it’s easy to have that instant gratification, whereas with the blog it seems to require more time and effort and thought.  However, I like putting time and effort and thought into things, which is why it’s important to me to keep this blog going.  Plus, I see it more as personal diary whereas I see Instagram being more of a visual diary.  Either way, I love both.  And Im excited to get going on the blog again with “A Visible Trace”, as it’s one of my favorite posts to do –  a good review of things that I’ve found inspiring.  Enjoy your weekend – I hope all of you are having a great summer! xo Joanna

This has made the rounds on the internet, but I had to share what was definitely one of the most beautiful, inspired weddings I’ve ever seen.  Margherita Missoni’s Gypsy Wedding in the Varese countryside of Italy took my breath away.  Her dress, made with Missoni silk and organza and designed by her with the help of Giambattista Valli was so incredibly romantic and refreshing.  The bridesmaids dresses, the flower crowns in their hair, the vibrantly decorated table settings, the Missoni floor cushions seated around the tables, the giant heart-shaped cake, fortune tellers, gypsy caravans – I can’t stop thinking about it.  So, so good.

I was so psyched to read about the release of the John Peel Archive, supported and curated by the Arts Council and Peel’s wife, Sheila Ravenscroft.  John Peel, who sadly passed away in 2004, was a BBC Radio 1 dj, producer and journalist.  He was one of the first broadcasters to play psych rock and prog rock on British radio, and his vast music collection and extensive knowledge spanned nearly every genre including post-punk, reggae, indie rock, punk, the list goes on.  Long ago Peel and his wife began cataloging his collection, and now, over the next four months, the first 100 hundred records for each letter of his alphabetized collection of 26,000 will be presented online.  And, for each letter, Sheila Ravenscroft has chosen an artist of significance to Peel and hosted a short film to accompany the artist.  There’s some good stuff on there, my music loving friends.

Good news: Vogue Paris has translated their website into English for those of us who don’t speak or read French, like yours truly.  More good news: A studio visit with French handbag designer Jérôme Dreyfuss.  Piles of brightly colored leather and design books and boards of inspiration and even a portrait of Frida Kahlo – it’s all right up my alley.

I am sure you have seen the brilliant chairs by Marni that have been floating around the web?  I discovered this video in Marni’s online magazine, Anticamera, and fell in love with the subtle, unassuming beauty captured by Francesco Jodice.  The video was part of the recent “L’arte del Ritratto” installation at the Marni boutique in Milan. Such a beautiful way to capture the chairs with no words, only music and the presence of the Marni team.  I especially love the end of the video, with the sunlight streaming through the warehouse onto the chairs.

And lastly, I can’t stop listening to this song by Best Coast.  An ode to California. “We’ve got the ocean, got the babes, we’ve got the sun, we’ve got the waves.  This is the only place for me.”  Perfect summer jam.