I just got my first MacBook Pro and I can’t believe how happy a 15″ machine can make me. After having typed on my previous Mac for six years, I figured it was time to make the leap, especially after my laptop started making some very strange noises that sounded like it might explode soon.  Now that I’m using what I feel like is the most luxurious computer ever, I have found myself spending even more time on the internet checking out all kinds of good stuff, like these insanely gorgeous textiles that I stumbled upon while lurking around the Smithsonian online collections. Some were made in the ’60s, some in the ’80s, and some just a few years ago.  I cannot get enough of textiles and fiber art – the element of craft and technique that goes into creating pieces like these completely floors me.  I have been dying to take a weaving class, but unfortunately my busy travel schedule won’t allow it right now. However, it’s on my list of big things to do and I am certain I will get around to it at some point.  Speaking of textiles and fiber art, check out my friend Alex’s tumblr, Weird Friends.  She just took a dyeing workshop on a Navajo reservation and is posting some really rad photos.  AND, speaking of busy travel schedules, I’m about to hop on a plane to Texas. Hopefully I’ll have some time to blog while I’m there, but if not I hope all of you have a great holiday! xo Joanna

Claire Zeisler, 1978

Cynthia Schira, 1998

Diane Itter, 1982

Randall Darwall, 2003

Else Regensteiner, 1969