Vintage Series, Look No. 8

For the past couple of years I had been on the hunt for a vintage souvenir jacket, and had even debated splurging on a very cool version by United Bamboo I found while shopping in New York over a year ago.  But, I decided to save my dollars and continue my search in vintage stores.  A few months ago while I was in San Francisco on a vintage rampage, I spotted one at a favorite store and I knew it was just for me.  Even better was that it was deadstock and the owner had been sitting on a few of them; purchases made long ago on a sourcing trip abroad. It is one of my favorite purchases and I wear it often, especially since it’s reversible – one side with an embroidered dragon and the other with an embroidered tiger’s face and Japan.  I love it so.

Vintage souvenir jacket, vintage Levi’s, Urban Outfitters tee, and Isabel Marant sneakers


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4 responses to “Vintage Series, Look No. 8

  1. i found a gold mine of these when i was in japan- the vintage is insane there! you need to go :)

  2. Damn Gurl…u r Hot!!!
    Loving the IM sneaks…fun look :)
    Love that you shot this at a playground! What a great jacket.

  3. oni

    yay! this reminds me of ryan gosling in drive which is always a good thing

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