Two Things

Apologies for the lack of blogging lately!  It’s been a busy couple of weeks over here as I’m in the midst of a huge project.  However, these two things have been particularly inspiring to me the last 24 hours and I can’t stop thinking about them. The first is a textile installation by the incredible Tanya Aguiñiga that is up in Santa Monica right now.  I just found out about it and it’s closing September 15th, but these photos are making fireworks go off in my brain.  The second thing that is blowing my mind is the recent feature of knitwear designer Ryan Roche on Tales of Endearment.  I can barely handle all of the amazingness going on in her wardrobe and her home.  Pink, friends, PINK! Have a lovely weekend. xo Joanna

Visit the Marine Art Salon to find out more.


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4 responses to “Two Things

  1. OMG!! Where is that exhibit? I gotta go….and I saw that post, so great, knew you would love that one!

  2. Oni

    that bathroom is to die for.

  3. really lovely spread! gives a great feeling for the get-together.

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