Fabric and Fiber

This weekend consisted of catching up on work, catching up on emails, catching up on yoga, making red lentil soup, going to a dinner party, reading magazines, and finishing a book.  It’s amazing how the rain can keep you indoors if you live in Southern California.  The catching up on emails led me to the Cooper-Hewitt online catalog where I spent a couple of hours obsessing over textiles, mostly those by the Wiener Werkstätte collective.  I never tire of looking at those prints.  The combination of shapes and color that they used was so ahead of their time and I’m continuously in awe of the level of skill and artistry they possessed.  And aside from the Wiener Werkstätte, the Cooper-Hewitt has some remarkable textile work by both known and unknown artists; about 585 pages to be exact.  I should warn you ahead of time that you shouldn’t visit the site unless you have a couple of hours to spare.

Sample, Monte Carlo, 191012


Wiener Werkstätte

Textile, 2005-8-84


Wiener Werkstätte

Textile, 2005-8-90

Wiener Werkstätte

Textile, 2005-8-11


Wiener Werkstätte

Textile, 2005-8-82-a,b


Wiener Werkstätte

Textile, Willow, 1960


Sheila Hicks

Rug Or Hanging Sample, 1993-121-7, 19451965



Unfinished Work, 1987-93-2, ca. 1916



Sample Card Of Macram, 1987-61-1, 2nd half of 19th century


Macramé samples

Hanging, Weft Face, 1970


Weft face, unknown




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12 responses to “Fabric and Fiber

  1. Jeanne Leblanc

    Love this, especially the frame with the vintage lace hanky..you and your links, are a fountain of inspiration! Thank you!

  2. Ah, fantastic! When it next gets slow at work, I know where I’m heading.

  3. OMGGGGGG actually dying over here over these textiles. As in dead. I’m now dead. They are so beautiful. UGGGGH. God. I can’t even proceed with my day now. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING SO MUCH BEAUTY INTO MY LIFE. love ya, j. xo

    • keepfeelingjoanna

      Well if you’re going to die at least it’s death by textiles! ; ) I adore you! And thank YOU for bringing so much beauty into my life! See you soon…xoxo

  4. that second to the last one makes meeeeee heart sing.

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