My friend Hollie sent me this very interesting video of Tim Blanks dissecting the phenomenon of street style photography.  The video was put out by Garage Magazine and I think it captures the culture of fashion today in a very honest way.  Tim Blanks has been my favorite fashion journalist for as long as I can remember and his references and point of view are so articulate.  I love fashion with all my heart for many reasons, and as much as I like to look at street style photos, I have to admit that the trendy part of it all can be kind of uninspiring for me.  There’s a part of me that feels a little grossed out when something catches on with everyone and you start to see it everywhere.  These things are bound to happen, I know.  I love mixing prints as much as the next girl does and I’m on the Isabel Marant bandwagon, too.  However,  there seems to be a lack of originality or authenticity in a lot of instances.  I think this video shows just that and the topic brings forth a fascinating dialogue to engage in.  I see it as something that’s not just about street style; it’s about much, much more.