I’m so inspired by this month’s issue of Vogue Paris!  It’s one of the most colorful issues I’ve ever seen and it’s really getting those summer vibes flowing over here.  I couldn’t help but connect Meché Correa’s accessories to this issue, as it’s dedicated to Peru where Meché is from and was shot by Peruvian photographer Mario Testino.  Inspired by her native country, Meché Correa works with artisans to create statement-making accessories such as oversize bullhorn jewelry and brightly colored woven bags.  All of her pieces are connected to the land, and the indigenous craftsmanship is interwoven with her modern interpretations.  I’m so honored to be carrying Meché’s accessories at Kneeland Mercado! More here.


The Lucky Milagros Bag


Heart Necklace 5peru1

Cross Necklace


Flat Rings
4peruSorheuf Ring