There are two interviews on the internet that have stopped me in my tracks and made me forget about my list of things to do.  Tim Blanks on and Miuccia Prada on NYT T Magazine.  I was exposed to Tim Blanks, the journalist, at a young age watching episodes of Fashion File on television and I immediately connected with his relaxed candor and his need to cite cultural references and tie them into what was happening in fashion. I’ve stayed a fan of his, and I’m always completely interested in what he has to say about a designer or a fashion show.  His references are so vast and so right on, and his cultural vocabulary is beyond intriguing, always making me think about things in a different way. The man has endless curiosity and knowledge and really reports from his point of view. He’s winning a CFDA award which is much deserved, hence the interview by Matthew Schneier on  It made me cry.  I had no idea that Miuccia Prada was his favorite designer, which made me happy that I was planning to blog about both of them together. The NYT T Mag interview of Miuccia really captures her intellectual approach to design. She is a feminist, and she is a designer who thinks beyond the commercial realm of selling clothes, but manages to do so while keeping the customer in mind.  I love that she is more than a designer; she’s an artist and a curator and a woman who really stays true to her vision in both fashion and life.  Read the Tim Blanks interview here, and the Miuccia Prada interview here.