One of the most inspiring brands to me is Marni.  I like that there is more to the brand than just straight up fashion, and I also like that it’s obvious and not super conceptual. Art, journalism, and culture all play a part and I’m always interested in hearing and reading about what’s new in the world of Marni.  By far one of my favorite things that Marni puts out is their online magazine, Anti-Camera.  The first issue, in particular, goes down as one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen.  Every couple of months I go back and check it out, especially when I feel creatively stumped.  The past few weeks I’ve been anxiously checking the Marni website to see if a new issue of Anti-Camera had been released, and last night I saw it posted and got really excited.  The work they have been doing with ex-Colombian prisoners to create furniture made of colorful wire is inspiring on many levels, mainly because of the creative work being given to ex-prisoners, with proceeds going to three different organizations dedicated to childhood.  The new issue of Anti-Camera features the furniture in the homes of various people who work in a range of professions, mostly creative.  It also features Abi-Tanti, or “inhabitants”, which are figures made from materials including wood and resin that “question the concepts of identity and difference, interaction with others or a being that comes from another world.” Images are below, and more can be found here.