Between spending the past month moving and getting settled into a new studio space and the past year searching for a house to buy, my brain is in major overdrive when it comes to interiors and decorating.  I’ve really been fixating on chairs as the Ikea white ones that sit around my large studio table and the mid-century modern chair in our living room that has been needing some serious upholstery love for four years are both making me cringe. Pretty much anything Ikea makes me feel like I’m still in college, and while mid-century modern furniture is definitely both timeless and uncomplicated, I’ve just been living with it for too long.  That being said, I’m dreaming about a little bit of opulence mixed with something warm and weathered, kind of like these antique beauties below that I found on The Met database.

chair1Pottier and Stymus, 1870-75

chair2Johann Micheal Bauer, 1763-64


Unknown, 1680-1700


John Mayhew, 1758-1794


Uknown, 1830-1860chair4Henry Furnbach, 1872

chair6Thomas Roberts, 1700