At the last Echo Park Craft Fair in December I met the incredibly lovely and talented Agnes Baddoo, designer and creator of both therapeutic air sprays made with essential oils and a line of supremely chic and functional leather bags.  I purchased one of her sprays and developed a huge crush on her bag known as the Sac and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.  Naturally, she expanded upon the perfect 12 x 12 size and introduced a 15 x 17 size which is not only a great everyday tote but it also works for the office and is great for traveling, which I often do for business.  I’m always switching out bags for trips depending on what I’m packing, how long I’ll be gone, and what I plan to do – hitting up markets for sourcing, having meetings, etc. and  I like to have options.  The Sac comes in natural cow leather, black cow leather, and a natural and canvas combo.  All can be purchased through Agnes Baddoo’s website.