Last week I was invited to attend the preview of Design in Time, an installation by Heath Ceramics celebrating ten years of design and making.  Eight artists were chosen to create one-of-a-kind clocks to be featured in the San Francisco and Los Angeles Heath locations, and all of them are available for purchase including a few of my favorites below by Roger Herman, Adam Silverman (Studio Director of Heath Ceramics LA), Commune and Geoff McFetridge.  I had never visited the actual Heath studio in LA, and it was really inspiring to take a peek behind-the-scenes.  I love a good inspiration board, and Adam’s was no joke.  I especially loved the black & white ballet photos as well as the “I heart Texas” sticker, which is where I grew up.  If you live in LA or SF, you should definitely stop by Heath to check out Design in Time.

photo 3-1

From L to R: Roger Herman, Roger Herman, Adam Silverman, Commune

photo 5Adam Silverman

photo 4Geoff McFetridge

photo 4-1Commune

photo 1Prototypes and soon-to-be-finished product in the studio

photo 2-1Inspiration board

photo 1-1The studio

photo 3Textured vases