The past few years I’ve been invited to the Art Center of Design by artist, teacher, and friend Nancy Picot Riegelman to speak about my career.  Nancy has always been incredibly supportive of me and my creative endeavors and I’m flattered when she asks me to speak to her students each semester.  Aside from teaching and making art, Nancy has been working on a big project that recently launched called Fashion Finishing School.  It’s a website that “offers instruction in the techniques of fashion drawing and design for communicating original fashion ideas, guidance in acquiring the body of knowledge about fashion details and design, and inspiration to stimulate creative thinking.”  There are three parts to the site – drawing, styling, and design.  It’s an excellent website and tool for students and anyone interested in pursuing a career in fashion.  I wish I would have had something like this when I was young and wondering how I could break into the industry!  In addition to the three parts, there is also a section titled “The Notebook” compiled by contributors that features all kinds of interesting articles, profiles, interviews and creative content.  I especially love the recent interview with kinetic sculptor Arthur Ganson.

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