I have a very deep love and appreciation for antique jewelry.  Two of my most prized possessions are my 300-year-old wedding ring made with emeralds and rose cut diamonds and a gold horseshoe locket I bought in Buenos Aires about 8 years ago.  Just like any girl, I love jewelry and always have a special something on my wish list, but there’s something about antique and vintage jewelry that just feels completely unique and special – like a true keepsake.  One of my favorite antique jewelry (and accessories) stores is Erie Basin in New York.  It never fails that every time I look at their online selection of gems I fall completely and totally in love with something.  I rarely make it in person to the shop for fear of spending all of my money, but when the time comes to buy another antique treasure I will surely visit.  These are a few of my favorites on the Erie Basin website.


This 1880s Victorian bracelet is something I would wear everyday, like my wedding ring and my horseshoe locket. I am a sucker for gold and turquoise together. Add pearls to the mix and I go even crazier.


These 1890s pearl, rose cut diamond and enamel Victorian earrings are total showstoppers.

a_flyring07131-LWhile some might think it’s odd to wear a fly on your finger, I am of the kind that says yes to critters decorated in diamonds, rubies and emeralds. This beautiful ring is from the 1870s-1880s.


Nothing but class, these French Poissarde earrings are made of Topaz paste and 18K gold. I’ve never been a big fan of topaz, but these are so special that I would consider buying them.


I love the shape of this 1910s Edwardian Diamond Dinner Ring. This isn’t something I would wear everyday, but it would definitely get some love.