I just got back from a business trip to New York, and while I love the city with every fiber of my being I just can’t ever seem to assimilate in freezing January temperatures.  I grew up in Houston and I live in Los Angeles so it makes sense.  I got a little too excited this morning while getting dressed when I remembered that I didn’t have to put on my down coat.  Instead, I got to put on an Indian summer dress and go out into the sunshine.  For me, nothing beats the sun shining through the palm trees and the surreal orange meets purple meets pink meets red sunsets that frequent the Los Angeles skies.  I am a California girl through and through.  While I was at the studio cleaning and organizing post-trip, I came across these photos of Valentine Fillol Cordier that look as if they were shot in LA (the neighborhood stairs give it away) and it reminded me of all the natural beauty and greenery that is the perfect backdrop for a big city.  It always makes for a good photo shoot, especially when the subject is pretty in pink, posing under orange trees and exploring open fields of grass.  I especially love the coquettish mood that also manages to evoke a playful bohemianism.  It’s very LA.







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