While looking for inspiration this morning I came across these photos I ripped out of one of those Vogue Special Edition issues that they publish at the end of the year, usually featuring the “Best-Dressed” of the year, decade, etc.  These women are what I would call “forever inspirations” because the way they wear clothes is completely transcendent of any time or trend.  Kate Moss is someone who has left a permanent mark in our minds with her style and attitude, Sarah Jessica Parker captured a specific time effortlessly with Sex and the City (and even if her ensembles didn’t look totally effortless they still managed to look amazing on her), and Alexa Chung has an essence of Jane Birkin that speaks to generations both young and old.  I think their looks (and the characters they’ve played) are all very inspired, real, and completely timeless.  Also, if you haven’t seen 73 Questions with SJP on Vogue yet, take a look and be completely charmed by not only her but her fantastic home.